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هذه المدونة, نأمل أن تكون طريقا ميسرا للجميع وأن يتحقق ما يأملوه فى الحصول على معلومات مفيدة وهامة عن هذا المشروع الذى اخترنا أن نبدأ به, وهو مشروع زراعة عيش الغراب ( المشروم Mushroom) , وستجدون فيها كل ما تحتاجونه من معلومات عن زراعة المشروم , بالإضافة إلى دراسات جدوى واقعية لزراعة عيش الغراب والتى سوف يتم تحديثها بإستمرار , وهذه الدراسات ذات مساحات متنوعة وأيضا لمختلف أنواع المشروم , كما أنك تستطيع مشاهدة فيديو تعليمى لزراعة عيش الغراب , وأيضا العديد من الصور التوضيحية , كما أننا سنقوم بالرد على جميع الأسئلة الخاصة بهذا المشروع . مشروع فطر عيش الغراب | زراعة المشروم | مشروع عش الغراب | زراعة عيش الغراب | فطر المشروم | دراسة جدوى زراعة عيش الغراب | فيديو زراعة عيش الغراب | تسويق عيش الغراب | صور زراعة عيش الغراب | زراعة عش الغراب | مشروع عيش الغراب | مشروع عش الغراب & &

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الجمعة، 10 يوليو 2009

A History of Mushrooms (continued

A History of Mushrooms (continued

Mushrooms come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. As a matter of fact, there are 38,000 different varieties. Some mushrooms are poisonous. Never eat mushrooms that have been picked outside of a store. The most common mushroom that is raised for eating is the white button mushroom (Agaricus). Shitake, enoki, and oyster mushrooms are also raised for eating.
Mushroom farming first started in America in 1896 in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. This city grows about 50 percent of the mushrooms raised in the United States. Kennett Square is called the “mushroom capital of the world!”
The first mushroom farm in the United States was started by two florists named Mr. Hicks and Mr. Swayne. Florists are people who raise flowers to sell. Mr. Hicks and Mr. Swayne wanted to make use of empty space under the shelves upon which they grew their flowers. Of course, flowers need sunlight to grow. It was very dark and damp under the shelves. They knew they couldn’t grow flowers in the dark, but they could grow mushrooms! Mushrooms don’t need sunlight to grow. They survive by eating decaying matter, so Mr. Hicks and Mr. Swayne started growing mushrooms under their flower shelves and that became the first mushroom farm in America.
In those days, mushrooms were planted in the fall and harvested in the spring. You couldn’t get mushrooms to eat in the summer. Today, thanks to improvements in technology, such as air conditioning, you can buy edible (can be eaten)
mushrooms all year round.
Remember, pick your mushrooms in the store!

The American Mushroom Institute

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Mushroom , History of Mushroom

A History of Mushrooms
Mushrooms are part of a larger group of plants known as fungi. A fungus is different from an ordinary green plant because it can’t make it’s own food. Fungi have been around since prehistoric days. Remains of fungi have been found in dinosaur pits! The Egyptian pharaohs (kings) reserved mushrooms for their own plates. It was forbidden for anyone else to eat them. They believed the mushrooms had magical powers. The ancient Romans fed mushrooms only to their warriors because they believed mushrooms gave them god-like strength.
Mushrooms can look strange. For instance, some mushrooms actually glow in the dark! No wonder people thought they were magical. Sometimes mushrooms grow in a circle or ring that appears around a circular path. In the olden days, many people believed these rings were made by fairies dancing through the night. Because of this, these rings are called “fairy rings” today. Fairy rings are really caused by the growth patterns of mushroom, not by dancing fairies!
The American Mushroom Institute

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